Tara Montgomery and Ryan Francis
Sammy Anning and Zak Beiberitz
Melissa Hall and Hayden Mashford
Shaun Swales and Sharnee Van Kuyck
Tori Wells, Mitchell Pritchard and Tiffany Green
Elisha Chaseling and Miranda Macaleer
Carly Donnelly and Ben Bunk
Sam Dilling and Katelin Olsen
Carla Stapleton and Brooklyn Lapham
Preparing to do it Gangnam Style … Ben Pratt, Nick Yappa, Jayden Dore and Peter Morman
Brent Evans and Rachelle Murray
Kati Ringe and Ben Stewart
Tarik Poole and Cassie Kerwitz
Nick Blanch and Anita Welch
Rowan Cooper and Louise Eden
Rachael Copas and Kilah Coutts
Kaitlyn Woods and Tori Lamb
Tahlia Webber and Michael Mears
Renae Barron, Matthew Emmett and Kathleen Thomas
Ellen Hanwright and Jason Hanwright
Les Everest and Tamara Stevenson
Emily Rutledge and Ashley Menalaws
Alyssica Thomson and Luke Vermeulen
Patrick Macasaet and Jessie Robinson
Louise Dowling and Aaron Campbell-Johnson
Emma Snape, Shaun Huston, Ashleigh Cooper
Pat Reynolds and Crystal Bentley
Luke Robinson made a big entrance … arriving via truck
William Holdsworth and Sarah Parsons
Jackson Worsnold and Kylie Siebenhausen
Brenden Clark
Alex Usher

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