Former Kingaroy Shire councillors Bill Moss, Bob Downes and Les Lind were on the original Saleyards Committee that managed the move of the yards to Coolabunia 30 years ago
Former auctioneer Ralph Argue and Jessie Conomos; Jessie and her late husband Steve opened the cafe when the saleyard relocated 30 years ago … she’s been there ever since

November 16, 2012

Thirty years of memories were shared this morning when cattlemen (and women), auctioneers and their families gathered at the Coolabunia Saleyards to mark the complex’s 30th birthday.

Judge of today’s Breeder Show, Steve Dunn, from Murgon, said the councillors who “bit the bullet” 30 years ago and decided to relocate the saleyards should give themselves a pat on the back.

He said without the yard, costs to local producers would “go through the ceiling”.

Cattle and pig sales were originally handled in Kingaroy at the old pig and calf yards located in what many people still call Saleyards Road (renamed in recent years ‘Stolzenberg Road’).

However, the then-Kingaroy Shire Council recognised there was a need to move the sales yard and associated cattle dip out of town.

It was decided Coolabunia would be the perfect location as it straddled the tick line between clean and ticky country.

Auctioneer Bill Steffensen admitted the Coolabunia yards had faced some ups and downs over the years but said everything was going well now.

He said the yards had a very strong ally in South Burnett Regional Council Manager of Business and Economic Development Phil Harding and Council had been very pro-active towards the yards.

Fat and store sales are held fortnightly, hosted by Across Country Real Estate & Livestock, and Aussie Land & Livestock.

Midge Thompson, from Aussie Land & Livestock, said he could remember being taken to the first sales at Coolabunia as a child.  He said it was good that the Council was now 110 per cent behind keeping the saleyards.

Deputy Mayor Cr Keith Campbell said the saleyards were a very important community asset.

“Phil Harding has put a lot of effort into ensuring the economic performance of this asset is achieving as it should,” Cr Campbell said.

“We need to keep the saleyards open so we can return in another 20 years for the 50th anniversary.”

Breeder Show Results (judged by Steve Dunn):

Replacement Females
1. Pen 58 K & S Cullen, Maidenwell
2. Pen 55 Ian & Karen Newson, Proston

Pen of Cows & Calves
1. Pen 73 A.B. & E.B. Marriott
2. Pen 83 Perkins Family

Grand Champion Pen of Show
Pen 73 A.B. & E.B. Marriott

Reserve Champion Pen of Show
Pen 58 K & S Cullen, Maidenwell

Lewis Jenkinson, Jenny Walters and Ralph Argue
Ralph Argue shares some memories (and the loudspeaker) with auctioneer Bill Steffensen
Familiar faces … cafe owner Jessie Conomos with Lurline Spoor and Marj Argue
South Burnett Deputy Mayor Keith Campbell enjoys a coffee in the saleyard cafe with Fiona MacDonald
Cr Damien Tessmann and John Dunstan
Midge Thompson and James Bredhauer, from Aussie Land & Livestock, with Alan Crawford and Steve Dunn (centre)
Roy Radunz, of Wondai, Earl Retschlag, of Nanango, and Bill Andress, of Nanango

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