Five busy bees ... Jordan Gossow, Claire Anderson, Sarah-Jayde Eggmolesse, Thomas Allcock and Leroy Anderson

November 13, 2012

St Mary’s Catholic School in Kingaroy was buzzing this morning with the launch of the school’s new Positive Behaviour Support program.

The schoolwide program centres on five “Be” values: Be Responsible, Be Just, Be Respectful, Be Safe and Be My Best.

That’s a lot of “Be”s  … and to make the point the school’s Maryknoll Centre was decorated with paintings of bees and some of the younger students wore bee masks.

School principal Michael Nayler said the program doesn’t assume that students automatically know what positive behaviour is; instead, it actively teaches positive behaviour and then rewards it in action.

Negative behaviour is assessed against the five “Be” values so that the students can understand how they have broken them.

Deputy Principal Sean Erwin said this program of behaviour was used in both Education Queensland and Catholic schools.

Appropriate behaviour is rewarded with “Gotcha” tokens, “Bee-grams”, certificates and the school’s Benedictine awards.

Five students, dressed as “Respectful Bee”, “Responsible Bee”, “Safe Bee”, “Just Bee” and “Best Bee”, then buzzed around the school assembly asking students to give practical examples of each of the “Be” values in action.

The results of the school’s poster and video competitions – also concentrating on the five “Be”s – were also announced.

Winners of the poster competition were Year 4 students Meg Wernecke and Sophie Weier;  the video prize winners were Year 6 students Bridget McDonald and Grace McFarlane.

Year 3 "Bees" Emma Manktelow, Angus Robertson and Samantha Rix

Deputy Mayor Cr Keith Campbell and St Mary's Positive Behaviour Support committee chair Pam Radcliffe
St Mary's Principal Michael Nayler welcomes guest Kingaroy Police Officer-In-Charge Senior-Sergeant Duane Frank
Mr Nayler congratulates video winners Grace McFarlane and Bridget McDonald

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