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Krav Maga In Kingaroy

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September 7, 2012

Have you ever heard of Krav Maga? No … well we hadn’t either, but apparently it’s a well-known style of self-defence honed from the hand-to-hand combat techniques used by the Israeli Defence Forces.

And it’s coming to Kingaroy …

Tim Uljarevic, director the Queensland Branch of the International Krav Maga Federation, will be running three thre-hour self-defence workshops over September 22-23 at the Highway Christian Church Hall, Kingaroy (66 Edenvale North Road).

Subjects to be covered include defending against common assaults, weapon attacks, and women’s-only self-defence.

“Krav Maga”, which translates to “contact combat”, was originally developed for the Israeli military and counter terrorist police units.

The IKMF describes it as a “reality-based defensive tactics system based on simple principles and instinctive movements”.

Tim is Queensland’s only expert-ranked instructor and has trained in Israel. He holds certificates as an instructor in both the restricted Law Enforcement and Military components of Krav Maga as well as civilian instruction.

“The main purpose of this state-wide tour is to start making Krav Maga more accessible to regional communities,” he said.

“It is the fastest growing system of self-defence around, so everyone should have a chance to see what it is about. Big cities aren’t the only places that have dangers like the ones we empower you to deal with.”

For more information, contact the IKMF by email

Krav Maga defence against a knife attack

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One Response to Krav Maga In Kingaroy

  1. I am really looking forward to coming out and visiting Kingaroy! These workshops will be informative, easy to participate in, and a LOT of fun!

    Full details can be found online by copying this link in to your browser (

    Bookings close on Friday!