Proteco’s Josh Gadischke inspects the new high-pressure filter tanks

August 30, 2012

South Burnett food processor Proteco Gold has installed a new energy-saving filtration system at its oil plant in Kingaroy, thanks to a $51,400 grant from the Federal Government.

Proteco’s Josh Gadischke said the new system, which pumps cold-pressed oil through fine mesh sieves, is more energy efficient, safer to operate and quicker than the old system which relied on centrifugal force and motors spinning a drum.

“This new system has no moving parts,” Josh said. “It’s simply a pump creating pressure in the tank.”

He anticipates it will cut electricity usage by 13 per cent across the plant.

Proteco manufactures speciality vegetable oils for the health food, pharmacy, cosmetic and food sectors.

The cold-pressing process creates an oily liquid with suspended particles which must be further filtered. The new plant is the final step in Proteco’s production process.

Josh said the total project cost $130,000, of which the Federal Government will put in $51,000.

He has had to fund the project in its entirety up front, and now must pass independent energy audits to verify the electricity savings before he can draw down on the Federal money.

However, he’s not complaining.

“Without this grant it would have been very hard to justify this sort of capital expenditure,” he said.

Queensland Senator John Hogg said the government’s Clean Technology Investment Programs were designed to provide practical assistance to help businesses become more efficient, more competitive and more sustainable.

“This grant is a great example of steps businesses can take to transition to a clean energy future and secure long-term competitiveness,” Senator Hogg said.

“The $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program and the $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program are open for business and I encourage more local manufacturers to apply for support.

“The $200 million Clean Technology Innovation Program is also available to support businesses develop and commercialise innovative ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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