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Police Urge Businesses To Use CCTV

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Businesses are urged to have their CCTV systems working correctly

July 13, 2012

Kingaroy police have begun a program to alert local businesses to the benefits of using closed circuit TVs (CCTV) correctly to enhance their security.

Volunteer-in-policing Peter Verbakel told that police visit businesses to update their keyholders’ register. But now the visits were also including reminders about the value of CCTV systems.

“Lots of local businesses have CCTV installed,” Peter said.

“However, sometimes they are not making the best use of the units they have.

“Businesses should be familiar with their CCTV systems and have staff available who are able to download the footage.”

Business owners should also be familiar with the type of system in use, the recording format, the playback system, and practise using it.

“Prompt provision of recordings can greatly enhance the likelihood of¬†apprehending an offender,” Peter said.

Displaying warning signs can also warn potential offenders that their actions will be recorded.

A special “Business Security” brochure which provides practical tips to protect businesses is available from the Kingaroy police station.

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One Response to Police Urge Businesses To Use CCTV

  1. While many businesses have a CCTV system, few of them are getting any benefit from it. This is mainly because when they had it installed, they asked to cover an area without really knowing what the camera was going to do for them. This results in an image like that above where the camera is too high and you cannot see the face. There are some great tips on improving a CCTV system in 7 steps here