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Pet Registration Fees To Rise 9pc

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Dog registration fees will rise 9 per cent from July 1

June 21, 2012

Pet owners will pay about 9 per cent more for dog and cat registrations when the South Burnett Regional Council introduces its new schedule of fees and charges on July 1.

Water charges will also rise 6.4 per cent, but overall ratepayers have escaped lightly with most increases of just 3 to 4 per cent on many common Council services.

Tourists who stay at any of the region’s Council-operated caravan or tourist parks will pay only slightly more; and people living in Council rental accommodation won’t see any rent rises at all.

The new price schedules for 2012-13 were approved at Wednesday’s Council meeting.

Councillors were warned that the SBRC’s upcoming Budget, which is due to be handed down next month, was based on the proposed fees and charges being accepted.

In general, the SBRC has decided to keep price rises for its most commonly used services very close to the 2011 CPI of 3.1 per cent and to levy no increase at all on some of its most widely used services.

For example, public hall hire fees, tip fees, public swimming pool charges and common permits will rise by 3 to 4 per cent.

Saleyard and dip fees will rise by between 4 and 6 per cent

Council library services, printing services, publications, sand and gravel, mowing and slashing, rates and property searches, garbage collection services, and soil testing will not rise at all, or only have a very small increase.

Less commonly used services, however, will be slugged more.

Building charges will rise between 7 and 8 per cent, and plumbing and drainage charges by 9 to 10 per cent.

Planning searches and related services will rise a hefty 18 per cent.

The cost of collecting water from a standpipe will rise by 6 per cent.

Animal impoundment charges will rise by 10 per cent, and vehicle impoundment fees by 13 per cent.

Small businesses face a range of increases: Environmental Health licences and permits will go up 13 per cent, while Food Licences will rise 14 per cent, along with public health licences.

Local Law permits will also increase by an average 13 per cent (eg. a new application to display goods on footpaths will rise from $126 to $143, while the renewal of an existing permit will rise from $57 to $65).

Burial costs will rise 16 per cent.

Kingaroy’s arts community will definitely feel the pinch: from July 1, exhibition fees at the Kingaroy Art Gallery will almost double from $100 to $192 to exhibit in the Main Gallery, and $50 to $95 to show works in either of the side galleries.

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