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Greens Applaud Chaplaincy Decision

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June 21, 2012

The Greens have congratulated Toowoomba father Ron Williams for “successfully ending” the $222 million National School Chaplaincy Program with his High Court challenge.

“Mr Williams courageously took on the chaplaincy lobby and won,” Greens MP Dr John Kaye said.

“This is a great victory for secular public education. The offensive misuse of public money to push religion onto innocent public school children has come to an end.

“By offering an additional pair of helping hands to over-stretched public schools, the National School Chaplaincy Program was a Trojan horse for groups like the Scripture Union.

“Mr Williams has acted for every parent who wants to send their son or daughter to a public school without fear that they will be subjected to religious indoctrination.

“The use of enthusiastic amateurs to address the welfare needs of troubled students has been dangerous and misleading. Public funding of chaplains has been offensive.:

Dr Kaye, a NSW MP, called for funding to be redirected to a new program to employ qualified child welfare workers to address the real needs of students.

“The money could be spent on offering a helping hand to students who are struggling with emotional or family issues, without fear of secular children being recruited into a religion,” he said.

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