Natasha Parsons wins the sprint to line up her second goal for Gunnettes against Barambah 
Evolution Solar Football League Points Table

June 18, 2012

By Martin Stern
Football South Burnett

A large crowd was on hand to see Nanango defeat a gallant Wests in a 3-0 scoreline that somewhat flattered them.

The match started off a hectic pace and didn’t let up until full time.

It was once again Wests that had most of the possession in the opening 10 minutes of the match but could not capitalise in front of goal – a telling tale for them this season.

Dogged defence from the Nanango backline and some great goalkeeping kept Wests at bay.

Nanango launched some counter attacks and it was a Chris Walters who took the initiative with a screamer of a shot from well outside the penalty box, which surprised everybody, to give Nanango a 1-0 lead.

Neither side let up for the rest of the half again with Wests having good possession and Nanango counter attacking.

Four minutes into the second half, a mix up between the Wests defence and their goalkeeper saw Justin Mangan score an opportunistic goal to give his side a 2-0 lead.

Wests stuck to their guns and kept on playing possession football and had many chances to pull the game back, however another counterattack from Nanango saw Kieran Mangan score his 15th goal in eight matches in the 62nd minute.

Wests had many chances as Nanango tired and key players were rested. Unfortunately it was not their day, but they can take a lot of positives out of this game and on their day are perfectly capable of beating any team in the league.

Best for Wests were Harry Stirling, Aidan Maher, Chris Boyes and Marty Perrett. Best for Nanango were Chris Walters, Elliott Mangan and Justin Mangan.

In the Women’s match, a red hot Wests defeated Nanango 4-1 to move way out in front of the other teams on the competition table. Wests took a 3-0 lead before Nanango pulled one back in the second half.

Wests made sure of the win by replying with their fourth shortly afterwards.

Michelle Hunter, Katie Paterson, Tara Montgomery and Bella Neil scored for Wests while Jacqui Downey scored for Nanango. Wests’ women perhaps played their best attacking football of the season and always looked very sharp.

In Second Division, Wests and Nanango had a hard fought 0-0 draw in a very physical but fair game.

Gunners proved too good for Barambah in 1st Division

In other matches Gunners had a 4-1 win over Barambah in 1st Division, Gunnettes sprung a surprise upset by beating Barambah 5-2 and in Second Division Barambah moved into equal first position on the ladder with a 4-0 win over Gunners.

Full results of Round 8 of the Evolution Solar Football League played in Murgon and Kingaroy on Saturday:

In Murgon
1st Div: Gunners 4 (Darren Moseling 1, Anawat Silalat 1, Ryan Mooney 1, Aaron Constanzo 1), Barambah 1 (David Eagleson 1)
2nd Div: Barambah 4 (Brendan Kelly 2, Joel Sommerfeld 2), Gunners 0
Women’s: Gunnettes 5 (Danielle Janz 1, Natasha Parsons 2, Katrina Parsons 2), Barambah 2 (Elle Mollenhauer 1, Megan Sippel 1)

In Kingaroy
1st Div: Nanango 3 (Chris Walters 1, Kieran Mangan 1, Justin Mangan 1), Wests 0
2nd Div: Wests 0. Nanango 0
Women’s: Wests 4 (Michelle Hunter 1, Katie Paterson 1, Tara Montgomery 1, Bella Neil 1), Nanango 1 (Jacqui Downie 1)

Next week’s Senior games will be played in Kingaroy and Nanango.

There will be no Junior games because of the school holidays.

Katrina Parsons lines up her second goal for Gunnettes 

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