Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble … Georgia Maclaren, Haylee Schloss and Blair O’Brien predict some trouble for the Thane of Cawdor
Make thick my blood … Kara Jensen as Lady Macbeth

June 11, 2012

Recently, Saint Mary’s Catholic College senior drama students took on the challenging task of performing the classic Shakespeare play Macbeth.

The performance was part of their Senior Drama assessment and allowed them to demonstrate their artistic abilities to staff, students and parents.

The play was performed in the new Maryknoll Centre which houses the College’s dance, drama and sporting facilities.

St Mary’s College drama teacher Tamara Poole said she was extremely pleased with her students’ performances.

Earlier in the year, the centre hosted a very successful schoolwide talent show featuring dance, drama, music and poetry performances.

St Mary’s next big production will be its annual “Rock on Stage” program in which classes compete for the best musical performance.

College principal Michael Nayler said he was constantly amazed at the depth and breadth of talent of his students, especially in the performing arts.

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