Back row (sitting): Kathleen Thomas, Taylah Keel, Nathan Fairbairn, Ben Sempf; Front row: Renae Barron, Robbie Steinhardt, Reece Thompson, Savannah Van Den Bergh, Adelaide Agius, Agriculture teacher Amanda Lane and Louis Fairbairn with champion cow "Kagra Delilah" and her calf "Kagra Gretel"

May 11, 2012

Kingaroy State High School’s ag students have proven they can take on the best with success at both Beef 2012 in Rockhampton and at the recent Kingaroy Show.

Agriculture Co-ordinator Amanda Lane said the school team took home the Grand Champion British Cow title in Kingaroy, as well as the Senior Champion and Reserve Senior Champion awards.

Three students also have travelled to take part in the national beef expo at Rocky: Cory and Brent Evans, and Brooke Rutledge.

Cory, who is just 13, won the Beef 2012 junior cattle judging competition from a field of 90 competitors and then went on to assist as an Associate Judge in the Limousin ring.

Kingaroy State High School has about 35 head of cattle, all Murray Greys.

 The show animals, and about a dozen steers, are cared for in the schoolgrounds while the rest of the herd is at the TAFE College complex.

As well as cattle, the school also keeps chickens and bees and has a flourishing horticulture program focussing on vegetables and native plants.

There are about 80 students in the ag classes, with 20 in the Show team.

Kingaroy Show Results:

Junior Handlers (beef): (16 years)

  • 2nd – Kathleen Thomas
  • 3rd – Renae Barron

Junior Handlers (dairy):

  • 3rd – Mitchell Jackson

Junior Judges: (16 years)

  • 1st – Kathleen Thomas

Senior Champion British Cow: Kagra Delilah

Reserve Senior Champion British Cow: Kagra Erica

Grand Champion British Cow: Kagra Delilah

Class 8: Female 12 – 16 months: 1st – Kagra Felicity

Class 9: Female 16 – 20 months: 2nd – Kagra Fame

Class 10: Female 20 – 24 months: 1st – Kagra Flair

Class 11: Female 24 – 30 months: 1st – Kagra Erica, 2nd – Kagra Flame

Class 12: Female 30 months and over: 1st – Kagra Delilah

Lightweight steer (up to 350kg): 2nd – Diesel