May 8, 2012

Voter turnout at the recent Local Government elections was extremely low … but “election fatigue” won’t be a valid excuse to avoid a fine.

In the Cherbourg Aboriginal Council area, just 73.71 per cent of voters turned out to vote.

However voting behaviour for the South Burnett Regional Council wasn’t much better. In Division 1, just 76.35 per cent of voters turned out. Division 4 was even lower, with only 75.95 per cent of eligible voters casting a ballot. Division 6 voters were the most keen, with 79.67 per cent voting.

Gympie Regional Council voters were more responsible, with 84.42 per cent of people on the roll voting in Division 6. In fact, every Division in the Gympie area recorded a turnout above 80 per cent.

About 77 per cent of eligible voters returned their postal votes in the contest for Toowoomba Regional Council – although votes may still be working their way through the mail system.

An Electoral Commission of Queensland spokesman told that anyone who had failed to vote without a reasonable excuse would be subject to a fine, with each case dealt with on its individual merits … just as for State elections.

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