April 23, 2012

Karen McNamara, from Charleville, has a very special link to the 50th anniversary of Proston’s famous Golden Spurs Campdraft.

Not only did she win the special Invitational Draft held at the weekend to mark the anniversary, but her dad Ken Payne won the very first Golden Spurs event held back in 1963.

Campdraft spokeswoman Jodie Anderson said all past Golden Spurs winners had been invited to take part in the Invitational event.

Karen was invited back to compete as she was the winner in the 1997.

Over the years, only four women riders have been successful so that makes Karen’s win in the 50th Anniversary Invitational even more special.

About 400 competitors and spectators were at the Proston Sportsground for the event.

The 50th winner of the Golden Spurs was decided on Saturday morning. The winner, Kellie Bond on Bentley, was then invited to take part in the Invitational held in the afternoon.


Invitational Draft
Karen McNamara – Conquest

50th Golden Spurs Draft
1. Kellie Bond – Bentley
Equal 2. Bob Black
Equal 2. John Ramke
4. Peter Knudsen
Equal 5. Lindsay Anderson
Equal 5. Wayne Knudsen
7. Peter Knudsen
8. Kellie Bond
9. Huon Smith

1. Tony Brown
2. Scott Hayes
Equal 3. Wayne Knudsen
Equal 3. Peter Knudsen
Equal 3. Dan Moloney
Equal 6. Mark Buttsworth
Equal 6. Terry Hartman
Equal 6. Roy Kelly

1. Peter Knudsen
2. Wayne Knudsen
Equal 3. Ian Atthow
Equal 3. Marl Buttsworth
Equal 3. Ryland Groves
Equal 3. Terry Hartman
7. Roger Boshammer
Equal 8. Roy Kelly
Equal 8. Michael Lawler
Equal 8. Colleen Smith
Equal 8. Clint Wockner

1. Lucy Kucks
2. Ethan Kucks
3. Jamie-Lee Barron
4. Jaiden Hill
5. Jacinta Rockemer
6. Rachael Plant

1. Joanna Anderson
2. Karl Ralf
3. Gabe Crane
4. Madeline Rockemer
5. Cody-Jo Nethercote
6. Joanna Anderson

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