Heidi Westbrook at the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s meet’n’greet on Tuesday night

February 15, 2024

Division 4 candidate Heidi Westbrook wants to help get the South Burnett Regional Council “back to business”.

“I want our stakeholders (ie. ratepayers) to get the utmost value from their investment,” she told southburnett.com.au on Thursday.

Heidi grew up in Kingaroy – and married here – but has worked all over the State, including in Emerald and Roma.

She returned to Kingaroy with her husband Mark in April 2022.

Heidi said she was passionate about inclusiveness, and wanted to help break down the parochialism between different parts of the South Burnett.

However, her focus would still be on Division 4 “but in order to achieve things for Division 4, we have to have the other Divisions working alongside us”.

Division 4 covers the northern half of Kingaroy, north to near Corndale and east to Booie.

Heidi said she believed she was the only one of the five candidates running for the Division who actually lived within its borders.

During her time in Emerald, Heidi worked for the local shire council in the building department, so she believes she knows her way around many council practices and policies.

Her business experience is also extensive.

She formerly owned the Hair Dimensions hair salon in town, has worked in body corporate management and is a licensed real estate agent.

She has also worked as a volunteer in youth services initiatives, such as “Project ICE” and “Get Your Head Right” in Roma which targeted drug and mental health issues.

Locally, she co-ordinates the Pink Flamingos cycling group as well as being umpire co-ordinator with the Nanango and District Netball Association.

Heidi said she had been thinking about running for Council for a while.

The couple has two adult sons as well as two girls still at school in Kingaroy.

She said the two things that she believed were most important for the SBRC was strong financial management and strategic management.

“As an independent candidate, I prioritise values such as integrity, transparency, inclusivity and accountability,” she said.

“These values guide commitment to serving the community with fairness and dedication.”

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2 Responses to "Heidi To Run For Division 4"

  1. This woman wants to score votes by saying she lives in the electorate. On the flip side she doesn’t support the local netball association as she goes to Nanango for that.

    Seems to be cherrypicking what “local” support will be given.

    Traditionally, female sports have a hard enough time now getting support from different levels of government. Doesn’t bode well for their future.

  2. C’mon now, “Netball”? This is pure cherrypicking just to have a grizzle.

    I always thought that Nanango was Netball Central for the South Burnett region and that was the place to go if you want to or need to compete at a high level.

    I live 60ks north of Nanango and have been to the courts a few times to watch some of my family members compete in tournaments and they also live nearby. (A long trip just to play netball).

    I have never been to Kingaroy or Wondai or Murgon netball as there is not the level for competing.

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