Cherbourg Mayor Elvie Sandow will be restanding for the position at the 2024 poll (Photo: CASC)

February 5, 2024

The South Burnett isn’t the only council region bracing for an election on March 16, every other local government in Queensland will also be going to the polls.

Here is a quick snapshot of what’s happening in nearby Council areas (as at February 5).

Nominations for the council elections are open until noon on February 13, so many more names should be added to these lists.

The ballot paper draw – which determines the order of names on the voting slips – will occur for each council region at 10:00am on February 14.

The information below is taken from the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) website.

* * *


So far two people have submitted nominations for the upcoming Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council election.

Current mayor Elvie Sandow, who was elected at the 2020 poll, is restanding.

She is being challenged by Thomas Simpson, who has also nominated to become mayor.

As of Monday morning (February 5), no nominations had been posted yet for the four councillor positions.

* * *


As of Monday, no nominations for mayor of Gympie Regional Council had been published on the ECQ website.

However, 11 names had been submitted for the eight Divisions: Hilary Smerdon (Division 1, currently Div 6), Jess Milne (incumbent, Division 1), Dolly Jensen (incumbent, Division 2), Charlie Horne (Division 3), Shane Arthur Warnes (Division 3), Bruce Devereaux (incumbent, Division 4), Rae Gate (Division 4), Kris Kahler (Division 5), Dan Stewart (incumbent, Division 5), Ruth Golden (Division 8) and Gordon Maudsley (Division 8) .

* * *


Cr Les Hotz, who was  declared mayor of the North Burnett Regional Council in February 2022, has nominated to retain the role at the 2024 poll.

No other mayoral nominations for the NBRC have been submitted so far.

Three people have submitted nominations for the six council Divisions: Kingsley Mesner (incumbent, Division 2), Dael Giddins (incumbent, Division 4) and Michael Dingle (incumbent, Division 5).

* * *


Current councillor Jason Wendt has nominated for the role of mayor of Somerset Regional Council following the announced retirement of sitting mayor Graeme Lehmann.

Mayor Lehmann announced last year he would not be restanding at the March poll after 20 years as Mayor of Esk and then Somerset (after amalgamation).

So far, six people have nominated for the six councillor positions in the undivided council: Kylee Isidro (incumbent), Michael Bishop, Sally Jess, Tracey Jones, Tiara Klare Hurley and Glenys Willocks.

* * *


As of Monday, no nominations had been submitted to the ECQ for mayor for Toowoomba Regional Council, although sitting Mayor Geoff McDonald plans to restand.

Nominations received so far for the 10 councillor positions in the undivided council are: David King, Trevor Manteufel and Robert Relvas.

* * *


As of Monday, no nominations for mayor of Western Downs Council had been published on the ECQ website.

Sitting mayor Paul McVeigh announced in December he would not be recontesting the position at the March election.

Four names have been submitted for the eight positions in the undivided council: David Carvosso, Robert Ries, Peter Saxelby (incumbent) and Megan James (incumbent).

Ros Heit for South Burnett Division 6
Vote 1 Kathy Duff for South Burnett Mayor


Vote 1 Jane Erkens for Division 1
Vote 1 Scott Hernschen for Division 6

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