Murgon Rotary Club president Heath Sander at this year’s Murgon Country Music Muster

December 6, 2022

The next South Burnett Regional Council election won’t be held until March 2024 but that hasn’t stopped hopefuls from already tossing their hats into the ring.

Last week, Murgon Rotary Club president Heath Sander announced he intended to stand for Division 5 (ie. the Murgon area) at the next election.

Mr Sander is co-chair of the Murgon Music Muster organising committee and along with his wife, Rowena Wessling, is manager of Council’s Bjelke-Petersen Dam Yallakool and Lake Boondooma caravan and recreation parks.

He made the announcement on his Facebook page:

Today l am announcing that l will be contesting the seat for Division 5 in the 2024 South Burnett Regional Council election. Any business or organisation needs change to provide enhancement to its people. Council is a business and should support and provide a better, affordable way of life for the community and its residents.

The current councillor for Division 5, Kathy Duff, greeted the announcement with equanimity, commenting on the same post:

Thanks Heath for putting your hand up. It is good the community will have choice. I intend to put my hand up again and will let the community decide whether they want my experience and energy or whether they want to go down a different path. I have been humbled, honoured and privileged to serve as the Councillor for Division 5 for 14 years since amalgamation. I love working for this community and will continue to put every last breath of energy into the role. It will ultimately be the community’s choice and God’s plan.


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  1. If by misfortune Kathy Duff does not get elected, then we lose a committed , experienced and hard-working councillor, too.

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