After a long run of boom returns, cattle prices dropped back for all descriptions at the latest fortnightly cattle sale in Murgon on Thursday (Photo: Pratt Agencies)

June 30, 2022

by Pratt Agencies

Prices dropped for all descriptions in Murgon on Thursday at the fortnightly Combined Agents Sale.

Young cattle saw the biggest reduction in rates, with feeder types and processing cattle also selling to reduced values.

The yarding of 750 came from Biloela, Mundubbera, Gayndah, Mt Perry, Boondooma, Kingaroy, Yarraman, Nanango, Kilkivan and the Murgon district.

Sale results:

  • Heavy Bulls sold to $3.44/kg and $3280, but a small number of Bullocks topped at $4.00/kg and $3322
  • Cows over 500kg topped at $3.49/kg and $2270
  • Cows 400-500kg sold to $3.20/kg for $1515
  • Cows under 400kg topped at $2.57/kg and $980
  • Export heifers sold to $3.83/kg and $2140
  • Two pens of Hereford steers from Manumbar sold to $4.60/kg to return $2465 and $2180
  • Charolais cross steers from Johnstown sold for $1888 at $4.72/kg
  • 350kg Speckled Park steers from Durong sold for $1613 at $4.60/kg
  • 285kg steers from Wondai sold for $1550 at $5.42/kg
  • 311kg steers ex Moffatdale sold for $5.26/kg and $1636
  • Angus cross weaner steers from Brooklands sold for $5.70/kg to return $1240
  • Droughtmaster weaner steers from Cushnie sold for $1410 at $5.40/kg
  • Charbray weaner steers from Mt Perry sold for $6.26/kg and $1190
  • Local 420kg Charbray heifers sold for $4.38/kg, returning $1847
  • Droughtmaster heifers from Goomeri weighing 365kg sold for $1540 at $4.22/kg
  • 360kg Charbray heifers ex Mt Perry sold for $1450 at $4.02/kg
  • Local 295kg Angus heifers sold for $4.75/kg and $1400
  • Two pens of Braford weaner heifers from Yarraman sold for $5.36/kg to return $1460 and $1136
  • Droughtmaster weaner heifers ex Goomeri sold to $5.00/kg, returning $1255
  • A small number of Cows & Calves sold to $2600

The next Murgon sale is on Tuesday, July 12 at 8:00am.

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