A heavy infestation of cattle ticks … Council fears tick populations in the region could ‘explode’ in spring  (Photo: SBRC)

June 23, 2022

Councillor Scott Henschen has warned conditions are ripe for cattle tick populations to “explode” in the South Burnett.

“Livestock producers should check they have plenty of tick control chemicals on hand,” he warned on Thursday,

“In the world we are in at present, more and more items are getting harder to access.

“With spring approaching, tick numbers could explode with the current weather conditions. Not being able to source chemicals could prove very costly if livestock are unable to be treated.”

Cr Henschen said that due to wet weather, many producers had not been able to treat cattle and had not been able to sell or transport stock.

“The number of cattle dipped in May this year at Coolabunia was only 807 compared with 1538 last year,” Cr Henschen said.

“Many producers have noticed greater numbers of ticks than normal.

“The present chemical supply is adequate but spring could see a significant change with demand being greater than normal.”

Cr Henschen said he hoped the price of tick control chemicals would not skyrocket as has occurred with other chemicals.

“My message is to encourage producers both in tick and tick-free areas to be mindful of the seasonal conditions and to be proactive in monitoring and managing tick control,” Cr Henschen said.

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