Toowoomba Council as reminded property owners of their responsibilities in regards to cattle grids (Photo: TRC)

June 20, 2022

Toowoomba Regional Council is reminding property owners who have gates and grids on the road network of the changes in licences from 2022-23.

Cr Carol Taylor said the changes were introduced last year however Council had provided a grace period for the first 12 months to give residents time to adapt to the new method.

“People who have already accepted responsibility for a gate and/or grid will receive correspondence from Council this month, informing them of the licence and fees payable,” Cr Taylor said.

“This will provide property owners with a further opportunity to decide whether they wish to be responsible for the gate and/or grid or not.

“In most circumstances, Council discourages the use of gates and grids on our road network, however we understand there are times when they are required for the management of livestock and other purposes.

“Where gates and grids are allowed within maintained public road reserves, they must be installed, managed, and maintained to an appropriate and consistent standard which minimises any safety risk to road users.

“While Council has borne some of the costs associated with gates and grids in the past, property owners are responsible and should manage and maintain their own gates and grids rather than having the cost fall on the broader community.”

The licence involves the payment of an annual fee of $150, with a $50 discount for early payment.

The licence fee only covers administrative costs.

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