Prices above $7 per kilo were common at last week’s Annual Weaner Sale in Murgon, which drew a yarding of almost 1000 beasts (Photo: Tina Torrens)

May 12, 2022

by Pratt Agencies

Just under 1000 calves were yarded at the Annual Weaner Show & Sale at Murgon Saleyards last Friday, May 6.

The yarding was made up of about 70 per cent steers and 30 per cent heifers.

All the weaners were in fresh condition, reflecting the different summer season graziers faced this year.

Cattle were drawn from Gayndah, Kilkivan, Goomeri, Proston, Hivesville, Windera, Manumbar, Crownthorpe, Wondai and the Murgon district.

Sale results:

  • G & J Zahl of Gayndah sold two pens of Charolais x steers for $6.82/kg and $7.11/kg, returning $2479 and $2133
  • Charbray steers from Mike Smith of Gayndah sold for $2350 and $2045 at $7.10/kg
  • Two pens of Charolais x steers from Jackie Davies of Kilkivan sold for $7.46/kg at $2302 and $2172
  • Terry Court from Goomeri sold Charolais steers for $7.00/kg and $1866
  • The Hasselbach family of Proston sold Charolais x steers for $1750 at $7.12/kg
  • Charbray steers from Troy Dennien of Windera sold for $1663 and $7.10/kg
  • Charbray steers from BAML Farms sold to $1728 at $7.30/kg
  • D & K Smith of Gayndah sold Brangus steers for $2018 at $7.46/kg
  • Brangus steers from B. Hanson of Crownthorpe sold for $1983 and $7.04/kg
  • Santa steers from T. Kelly of Crownthorpe sold for $2036 at $7.02/kg
  • Wild Horse Pastoral of Manumbar sold Santa steers for $7.26/kg, returning $1722
  • Two pens of Santa steers from Darryl Stanton of Goomeri sold for $7.42/kg, returning $1746 and $1502
  • Cooinda Grazing of Proston sold Santa steers for $1615 at $7.52/kg
  • Droughtmaster steers from Wagreen Pastoral of Manumbar sold for $1835 at $6.90/kg
  • R & A Bambling from Wondai sold Braford steers for $7.20/kg, returning $1614
  • Waringa Grazing of Hivesville sold three pens of light Droughtmaster steers for $6.80/kg to average 199kg and $1358
  • Another pen sold to $7.26c/kg for $1013 at 139kg
  • Two pens of Brahman steers from S. Oppermann of Gayndah sold for $6.60/kg & $6.68/kg, returning $1500 and $1178
  • Santa heifers from Cooinda Grazing sold for $1680 at $6.00/kg
  • Charolais x heifers from G. Zahl sold for $6.06/kg, returning $1774
  • M. Smith sold Charbray heifers for $1770 ($6.00/kg) and $15500 ($6.04/kg)
  • Charbray heifers from Emjay Charbray of Goomeri sold for $6.30/kg, returning $1420
  • Ray Schmidt of Proston sold Charolais x heifers for $5.96/kg and $1673
  • Two pens of Angus cross heifers from C & F Cluff sold for $5.78/kg, returning $1650 and $1246
  • Red Angus heifers from G & A Sippel of Redgate also sold for $5.78/kg and $1480
  • Droughtmaster heifers from Pether & Grills sold for $6.02/kg and $1487
  • Light Santa heifers from Proston sold at $6.28/kg for $1000

Steers averaged $6.78c/kg and $1710 while heifers averaged $5.77/kg and $1430.

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