Leonie Chinn with one of works which features a giant honey ant … she chose the work because of Kingaroy’s connection with ants!

May 3, 2022

Artist Leonie Chinn has returned to Kingaroy Art Gallery, but this time she has filled the main gallery with a solo exhibition of recent works.

Leonie was last in Kingaroy 12 months ago as part of the “All The Bees Are [Not] Dying” exhibition, a collection of works by seven Brisbane artists capturing their reactions to climate change.

This time around, Leonie has presented works that explore the destructive consequences of a human-centred point of view on the natural world.

There are insects and landscapes, including a view from ‘Bethany’ painted after her stay there last year.

” ‘Bethany’ was gorgeous and was so rich in history,” she said.

Leonie said her works depicting “other earth beings” reflected the writings by Australian environmental philosopher Val Plumwood.

Plumwood, who died in 2008, explored the separation between humans and nature, and the idea embedded in many cultures which viewed nature as simply a resource.

In Gallery 3, Wooroolin artist Diana Bolton has an exhibition entitled “My Front Door”.

The birds and flowers are inspired by the world around her.

“During the last flood I started painting the wetland birds that inhabited our place; ducks, herons, rails, coots and the swans, spoonbills, magpie geese and many more that had migrated to the water. This started my journey on painting birds,” she said.

Diana also has a display of hand-painted silk scarves on show, which – amazingly – she pops into the microwave to finish!

Wooroolin artist Diana Bolton with some of her works in Gallery 3
Kingaroy Arts Team members Julia Jeffery and Robyn Dower
Gallery curator Fran van Vegchel with Maria Bingham, from Kingaroy
Melody Cook, from Kingaroy, with Suzie Bolton, from Wooroolin, and Eliza, 4

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