This sign is not completely accurate … a new report due to be delivered to the South Burnett Regional Council’s next meeting on Wednesday reveals that so far, only one-third of KTP expenditure has gone to local contractors

July 6, 2021

Work on the Kingaroy Transformation Project has so far consumed more than one-fifth of the project’s $13.9 million budget, according to a report to be presented to the South Burnett Regional Council on Wednesday.

The KTP is also running 15 days behind schedule, but extra work teams have been hired with the aim of returning the project to plan.

Project Manager Allen Christensen said the delays had been caused by materials shortages and wet weather.

However, he was trying to minimise supply problems by ordering in advance.

The report also says 45 KTP contracts have been awarded with 23 going to local suppliers.

Of the $3.17 million spent on the KTP so far, local suppliers have secured slightly more than $1 million of the work.

Mr Christensen’s report says Alford Street West should be completed soon, with garden plantings expected to start early this month.

During the next three weeks, work will focus on the Glendon Street roundabout and the demolition of the footpath on the northern side of Alford Street East.

Work on Kingaroy Street and Haly Street’s water and stormwater infrastructure is expected to begin later this month.

The Glendon Street roundabout is expected to be completed by August.

There will also be traffic signal works carried out at the Kingaroy/Alford streets intersection in late July or early August.

* * *

South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto

South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto has stepped down as chair of the Kingaroy Transformation Project Council Community Reference Group (KTPCCRG).

SBRC CEO Mark Pitt has been appointed to fill the vacancy.

The change was made at Council’s General Meeting last Wednesday.

The KTPCCRG acts as an interface between the KTP project team, Council and the business community.

Apart from providing community oversight of the project, one of its key functions is fostering good public relations.

Mayor Otto told he felt being chair of the group meant he was obliged to say only positive things about the project, but this was not necessarily in the best interest of ratepayers.

“My true function as Mayor is to speak on behalf of all ratepayers,” the mayor said.

“From time to time that might require me to be critical of things, and I felt remaining as chair was not in ratepayers’ best interests if it prevented me from speaking my mind.

“Mr Pitt will be a very good replacement for me.”

The motion to appoint Mr Pitt to the role of KTPCCRG chair was moved by Mayor Otto, seconded by Cr Kirstie Schumacher and carried unanimously.

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