Red Earth Community Foundation chair Georgie Somerset

April 1, 2021

The not-for-profit Red Earth Community Foundation (RECF) is working on a project to help shape the future of the Burnett region over the next 50 years.

The project, funded by Stanwell, aims to design a process so Burnett residents can become involved in regional planning.

“Stanwell is planning for change internally, and by supporting the design of this process, they are providing the opportunity for people right across the region to be involved in planning for their business, community and region’s future,” Red Earth chair Georgie Somerset said.

The Burnett Inland Futures Strategy (BIFS) project will cover the North and South Burnett regional council areas, as well as parts of the Toowoomba, Gympie and Somerset local government areas.

“We are keen to support our communities across the Burnett Inland to be involved in co-designing their future,” Mrs Somerset said.

“We are considering the next 10, 20, 50 years, and we are confident people living and investing in the region are the best people to help build this plan.

“There are many regional studies, so we will bring together those relevant to our region to provide underlying information for people, while we also design the process for people to be involved.”

Mrs Somerset said the BIFS was an opportunity for all levels of government to collaborate with industry and community.

“We know there are many levels of investment in our region, and through this strategy, there can be a co-ordinated approach across the Burnett Inland,” she said.

“As the region has weathered recent years of drought, with floods and storms thrown in for good measure, effectively utilising our water and other natural resources will be critical, and we know our climate will influence our future investment.”

Mrs Somerset said the first stage of the BIFS project would be the collation of existing data.

The community engagement process would also be designed for the second stage.

“We will be also seeking interest from people keen to lead community conversations during the second stage. While RECF is leading the process, there will be many ways for people to be involved,” Mrs Somerset said.

“There will be many ways to be part of the process, as individuals, community groups, businesses and stakeholders – people can register now on our website so we can keep them updated.”

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