Cherbourg Mayor Elvie Sandow (Photo: CASC)

March 31, 2021

Cherbourg is still open at the moment, but visitors are not being encouraged, Mayor Elvie Sandow said on Wednesday.

Cherbourg Council’s Local Disaster Management Group met on Thursday for an update on the Brisbane COVID-19 outbreak.

Mayor Sandow said the group had been advised that CRAICCHS have now received 200 doses of the vaccine, and vaccinations would begin next week by appointment only.

Hospital staff are also getting COVID vaccination training.

At at 4:00pm on Wednesday, visitors could still travel to Cherbourg but the Mayor said it was not encouraged.

“If you must travel to community protocols MUST be followed, ie. face masks, social distancing, sanitisers,” Mayor Sandow said.

“Getting your vaccination will help keep community safer – it will make it safer for visitors coming to Cherbourg – it will make it safer for you to travel away from community.

“Dr Katie (Panaretto) told us today that over 4000 Indigenous Australians have already got the vaccination so far.

“It is important we all do everything we can to protect our community to stop COVID coming to Cherbourg, protect our elders, bubs and sick ones.

“Let’s all work together to keep everyone safe.”

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