March 29, 2021

Police are investigating two “sneak breaks” which occurred in Kingaroy over the past few days.

On March 26, thieves entered a Haly Street residence through an unlocked sliding door about 11:00pm while the occupant was watching TV in a front room.

They stole a mobile phone and wallet from a kitchen bench.

Two days later, a wallet and mobile phone were stolen from another kitchen bench, this time in a Carinya Street home.

The thieves entered through a sliding door while the resident was at home.

* * *

Police investigating an alleged fraud searched a First Avenue address on Sunday.

They located a 22-year-man allegedly in possession of amphetamine and a homemade flail.

Police allege the man sold a stolen phone to a woman. He later returned to her address and offered to set up the phone. While she was distracted, he ran from the dwelling with the phone.

He will appear in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on April 12 charged with break and enter, fraud, stealing, possessing dangerous drugs, failing to dispose of a syringe and possession of an unlawful weapon.

* * *

Police were called to the Kingaroy Church Of Christ in Burnett Street, Kingaroy, on Friday evening after reports of a disturbance.

Witnesses told police a drunken man had tried to force his way into the church, yelling out he was lucifer.

After being blocked entry, he smashed an alcohol bottle on the footpath before running off through residential yards.

Police located the man in a neighbouring street.

A 32-year-old Ballogie man will appear in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on April 16 charged with public nuisance, breaching bail conditions and three counts of trespassing.

* * *

A 38-year-old Kingaroy man has been issued with a $1245 speeding ticket – and disqualified from driving for six months – after police clocked him doing 121km/h in an 80km zone in Harris Road, Kingaroy, about 9:00am on Friday.

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