Murgon Officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Brett Everest and Senior Constable Danielle Gordon with the collection box at Murgon police station (Photo: QPS)

March 26, 2021

Police are urging residents to dig through their cupboards and drawers … and maybe just help to save a life!

A mobile phone is something most people take for granted but it can be a lifesaver for victims of domestic violence.

The DV Safe Phone program is collecting old mobile phones that can be given to people in the need.

Data on donated phones will be erased and the phones tested before they are distributed.

“The mobile phone is often one of the first items to be thrown, broken or stolen during domestic violence, leaving the victim cut off from the outside world, with no way to call emergency services or helplines for assistance,” Senior Constable Danielle Gordon said.

Old mobile phones can be dropped off at Murgon and Cherbourg police stations.

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