Ready to race … St Mary’s students start another race at the Kingaroy Swimming Pool (Photo: SMCC)

February 23, 2021

Not even COVID precautions could suppress the fun and competition at the recent St Mary’s Catholic College swimming carnival.

The carnival was held at the WJ Lang Memorial Olympic Pool in Kingaroy with social distancing in place and restrictions on the number of students competing.

Swimmers aged 10 years and over who could confidently swim 50 metres were invited to take part.

There was keen competition between the three Houses, with students keen to swim to earn house points just by participating.

It was principal Carmel O’Brien’s first College swimming carnival in Kingaroy as the 2020 event was cancelled – firstly due to storms, and then because of COVID.

“This was a great day for our College community,” she said.

“St Mary’s students seem to really know how create some serious and competitive House spirit while at the same time showing terrific sportsmanship and having some fun.”

The final scores were close, with Quinn taking out the House Shield:

  1. Quinn – 540 points
  2. Polding – 505 points
  3. Rush – 472 points

[Photos by John Dalton and Carmel O’Brien]

Year 9 student Trent Aubrey  (Photo: SMCC)
Year 10 student Stella Penny  (Photo: SMCC)

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