Paul Antonio
Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio

February 16, 2021

Toowoomba Regional Council will seek public input into “Toowoomba Region Futures”, a major planning project that aims to build a community vision for the region’s growth and development over the next 30 years.

Mayor Paul Antonio said public feedback would be sought via a range of forums this year, with ongoing consultation to continue in following years.

“The Toowoomba Region Futures program is a five-year project that will deliver a new Toowoomba Region Planning Scheme, a Growth Plan (to guide population and employment growth) and a Toowoomba Region Infrastructure Plan (TRIP),” Mayor Antonio said.

“Given the projected population growth and expansion of our region, Council is working to ensure the new Planning Scheme meets community needs and expectations for the next 30 years and beyond.”

Cr Megan O’Hara Sullivan said council was seeking feedback from a large cross-section of the community.

“How will our projected population increase over the next 30 years be housed and serviced within the region’s urban framework? What infrastructure is needed? How will this development be balanced against protecting key considerations such as, heritage and environmental issues and protection of amenity within the region’s existing neighbourhoods?” Cr O’Hara Sullivan said.

“The Planning Scheme affects all development in the Toowoomba Region. It is therefore important that we hear from property owners, developers, business owners or anyone who wants to play a role in shaping the future of their street, neighbourhood or town.”

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