Cr Nancy Sommerfield
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February 9, 2021

Toowoomba Regional Council’s Water and Waste Committee has recommended that Council endorse a new strategy to guide waste operations for the next three years.

Councils are required to review and adopt a waste management strategy every three years.

Portfolio leader Cr Nancy Sommerfield said a key focus of the new strategy was identifying waste as a resource instead of a problem.

“The plan includes targets for waste reduction and diversion from landfill, which will have operational cost savings and environmental benefits,” Cr Sommerfield said.

She said Council would investigate and implement key strategic plan initiatives, including:

  • Investigating the viability of a local Materials Recovery Facility for processing recyclables,
  • Consideration of kerbside food and organics (FOGO) collection and processing,
  • Developing and tendering for a new kerbside collection contract, with consideration for the potential inclusion of FOGO and local processing of recyclables,
  • Investigation of energy from waste opportunities for materials that cannot otherwise be reused or recycled, and
  • Using existing information and infrastructure to target waste-related communication with the community to influence behaviour change.

Cr Rebecca Vonhoff said Council appreciated the high priority that residents placed on good waste management.

“This was highlighted during the community consultation we conducted in late 2020 when more than 900 people completed the survey. What our residents told us has been used to shape the new strategy,” Cr Vonhoff said.

The committee recommendation will be considered for adoption at the February 16 Ordinary Meeting of Council.

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