Mayor Paul Antonio (Toowoomba Regional Council), Mayor Paul Petty (Tenterfield Shire Council), Cr Rick Kearney (Goondiwindi Regional Council), Mayor Lawrence Springborg (Goondiwindi Regional Council), Mayor Vic Pennisi (Southern Downs Regional Council) and Mayor Paul McVeigh (Western Downs Regional Council); Mayor Tanya Milligan (Lockyer Valley Regional Council) was unable to attend but was represented at the meeting (Photo: TRC)

December 1, 2020

Toowoomba Regional Council has formed a “water alliance” with four other Queensland councils and a NSW shire.

The inaugural meeting of the water alliance was attended recently by representatives of Toowoomba, Western Downs, Southern Downs, Goondiwindi, Lockyer Valley and Tenterfield councils.

TRC mayor Paul Antonio said the new alliance would focus solely on water security for Southern Inland Queensland and the NSW border region.

“The inaugural meeting agreed that the priority for the group was the mapping of our current water situation and potential future options,” Mayor Antonio said.

“The initial desktop analysis would then lead to developing a list of priority projects that the alliance could pursue on a needs basis.

“We need to know where we are before we know where our water future progresses to.”

Mayor Antonio said that cross-border issues that exclude inter-state water sharing needed to be addressed.

“Future meetings would include discussions with those in a position to find water security solutions for problems that straddled both sides of the border.

“We would welcome other councils from both sides of the border to become involved in the new alliance. The larger our group, the stronger our voice.”

Mayor Antonio said the agreed vision of the group was ‘winning new water to provide for generational urban, rural and industrial outcomes and economic growth to 2150 and beyond’.

“Water security is a national issue, and the new alliance would work together to tackle it at a regional level,” he said.

“Improved water security would be a significant driver of regional growth and potential economic activity, particularly from private sector investment.

“The broader region of the Darling Downs and northern New South Wales is suffering through lack of long-term water security options.

“We believe that further investment in water security by all levels of government at a regional level is vital to seize the wealth of opportunity before us.

“Regional water security would help realise substantial growth opportunities for the Darling Downs and northern NSW through accelerated development in agriculture, value-added product, advanced manufacturing and alternative energy options.

“The alliance aims to work together on regional water security solutions and deliver real projects that make a real difference.”

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