Cr Scott Henschen
October 15, 2020

The South Burnett Regional Council will review its infrastructure charges in an effort to kick-start land supply in the region.

At October’s monthly meeting, Cr Scott Henschen announced Council will hold a public workshop on the topic before the end of the year.

The workshop will invite industry stakeholders to share their views about the effect Council’s current payment regime has on residential land supply.

Council staff will also explore options to reduce the cost impact of infrastructure charges on new residential developments.

Cr Henschen said they will examine possible ways this could be done in a manner that wouldn’t reduce the long-term financial sustainability of the Council’s infrastructure expenditure.

They would also examine possible incentives that could be offered to kick-start future land delivery in the region.

Cr Henschen’s announcement was welcomed by Deputy Mayor Cr Gavin Jones, who said infrastructure charges were an issue he’d been working on for some time.

“In Murgon yesterday I spoke to a couple of real estate agents and they were pleading for more land,” Cr Jones said.

“They’re selling land at Moffatdale and there’s people fighting over blocks out there (in a way) that was unheard of before.

“I think this workshop is a big step for this council and the region.

“But we need to get it going as soon as possible because who knows how long this frenzy for land and housing will last due to COVID?

“We don’t want to miss the boat.”

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