An objection from Cloyna State School about a proposed piggery expansion on a neighbouring property was not enough to stop the South Burnett Regional Council giving the project the go-ahead but the school’s concerns were noted and officers believe they have been addressed in the development’s conditions

September 29, 2020

South Burnett Regional Council has given approval to a Cloyna piggery to more than triple its size over the next eight years.

At September’s monthly meeting, Councillors were told Sunny Nook Farms Pty Ltd had applied for Development Approval to expand its existing 9700 Standard Pig Unit (SPU) operation to 28,000 SPU by 2028.

Sunny Nook owns several adjoining properties in an area bounded by William Webber Road, Elbow Road and the Murgon-Gayndah Road.

Three of these – on William Webber Road and Elbow Road – currently include much smaller piggeries.

The company applied for permission to enlarge its operation at William Webber Road and gradually phase out its operations at the Elbow Road properties in a three-stage development.

Councillors were told the properties were in the Council’s rural zone and officers believed the development was an appropriate land use.

They also recommended that a number of conditions be applied to the development to ensure minimal disruption to neighbouring properties while the expansion was under way, and afterwards during normal daily operations.

Councillors were told only one objection to the project had been received.

This was from the Education Department, which operates Cloyna State School, at the junction of Murgon-Gayndah and William Webber roads.

The Department had raised concerns about the safety of students if trucks passed the school during morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up times.

They also expressed concerns about odours escaping from the piggeries.

Council officers said the Development Approval would require all vehicles accessing the piggery complex to comply with a Driving Code Of Conduct which would ensure the safety of school children and their carers.

Other conditions attached to the Development Approval would ensure effluent from the piggeries was disposed of in an environmentally friendly way that would not affect the school.

Councillors agreed unanimously to issue the Development Approval subject to standard conditions.

An aerial view of the site … Cloyna State School sits in one corner of a large area bounded by William Webber Road, Elbow Road and the Murgon-Gayndah Road, and the proposed piggery development is at a distance from the school (Map: Google)

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