School captain Elizabeth Watson and fellow Year 12 student Callum Bird were getting ready to start on the project

September 4, 2020

You’ve heard of blue poles? Well, how about adding some pink, violet, orange, yellow and green poles as well?

The Year 12 class at St Mary’s Catholic College wanted to make sure they won’t be forgotten after they graduate at the end of this year.

School captain Elizabeth Watson said at the beginning of the year they made a pledge to leave a lasting legacy to say “thank you” for their time at the school.

Because the school is decorated mostly in shades of brown, the students decided to add a splash of colour by volunteering to paint some of the infrastructure.

“We chose the poles in the tuckshop area because everyone is in this area,” Elizabeth said.

A small group of the Year 12s began work on their colourful project on Friday.

The brown Colorbond flashing around the 12 poles in the tuckshop area will be sanded back, prepped, undercoated and then painted in bright colours.

The project will continue over the next few weeks as the students learn some new skills.

“If time permits, we will do some classroom doors, too,” Elizabeth said.

The students wanted to pass on their thanks to Crowies Paints which donated the brushes for the project, gave the school a discount on the paint and has provided some much-appreciated advice.

Year 12 students Dawn Druery, Grace Wells, Trinity Miller, Elizabeth Watcon, Jordan Soley and Callum Bird with Simon Gibson, from Crowies Paints
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