FLASHBACK: Tenterfield in snow in 2018 … police warn that travelling to northern NSW now to see snow could wind up being a very costly exercise during the pandemic (Photo: Visit Tenterfield)

August 21, 2020

Police are warning Queenslanders planning on travelling to NSW for the weekend to ensure they are aware of current border restrictions or risk having to go into quarantine.

With the potential for snowfall in parts of NSW, police have been fielding inquiries from families wanting to visit areas such as Guyra and Tenterfield for the weekend.

Anyone who travels to a COVID-19 hotspot – ie. all of NSW or Victoria – is subject to strict regulations about re-entering Queensland, including the need to return by air and be placed into mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine unless they have an exemption.

Warwick Patrol Commander Inspector David Preston said a weekend away to the snow could become a costly exercise if travellers were not aware of the Queensland border restrictions.

“Anyone planning on crossing the border to NSW must understand they will not be able to re-enter Queensland by road unless they receive a special exemption,” Inspector Preston said.

“Travelling to see the snow in northern parts of NSW such as Guyra means you are going to a COVID-19 hotspot and will be required to travel back to Queensland by air and be placed into hotel quarantine at your own cost for 14 days.

“That situation would become a very costly and unnecessary weekend away to see the snow.”

  • More information about current border restrictions is available online

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