AgForce regional president Caroline Harris, Opposition Leader and Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington and AgForce general president Georgie Somerset

August 15, 2020

Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington assured AgForce members gathered in Kingaroy on Friday night the LNP is on track to win the October 31 State Election.

“We will get to government. I can tell you that, we will get to government,” Mrs Frecklington emphasised.

“We have got a pathway to government. But we will also stay there for several terms because we cannot afford the flip-flopping of governments.

“Queensland needs long-term, conservative government.”

Mrs Frecklington said the LNP had identified the 10 seats it needed to win and was working hard on the ground to achieve this.

“We can’t afford another four years of Labor,” she said.

“It’s not all about COVID. Before COVID, Queensland had the highest unemployment rate in the nation, the lowest business confidence and the highest number of bankruptcies.

“Yesterday, after every State in Australia, Queensland has the highest unemployment. We are at 8.8 per cent. Victoria has gone the other way.

“It’s because there is no consumer confidence to invest in Queensland.”

Mrs Frecklington said she was keen that regional Queensland would have a “loud, proud” voice.

She promised AgForce members she would get “sensible vegetation management” back in place.

The LNP had produced  “a way forward for vegetation management” after consultations with AgForce and other farming bodies. This policy would be unveiled next week.

However, she hinted “deemed approvals” for land clearing – similar to the party’s plan for fire permits – could be a part of this new policy.

Earlier this year, Mrs Frecklington unveiled a policy of “deemed approvals” for fire permits.

“If you are someone that wants to get a fire permit, and you’ve been mucked around by the department, after 15 days you have got a ‘deemed approval’,” she said.

Mrs Frecklington also spoke about water management, building dams and the LNP’s proposed New Bradfield Scheme, which she described as “big, bold and ambitious”.

“I have announced the Queensland Dam Company, which will be set up in Townsville,” she said.

The QDC would implement the LNP’s plan for new dams and dam upgrades in central and North Queensland.

Mrs Frecklington promised the LNP would make water “affordable” to landholders.

“We have accepted the Queensland Competition Authority’s recommendations to SunWater,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“QCA put out a recommendation to change the model that SunWater works to a regulated asset-base model for its infrastructure. We will adopt that and it will save 19.4 per cent (for SunWater users). That’s not my figures, that’s QCA’s.”

* * *

The AgForce Qld evening at the Kingaroy Cricket Club also provided an opportunity for members to meet new South-East Queensland Regional Manager Andrew Sinnamon, who has taken over from Sarah Due.

About 60 members and guests enjoyed dinner, sponsored by Ken Mills Toyota.

AgForce SEQ councillor Paul Slack, from Gayndah, with his wife Kylie; Neil Gaedtke, from Ken Mills Toyota which sponsored the AgForce Qld event; and Sarah and Stephen Martin, from Mt Stanley
Wendy Thorsborne, Glen Rock; with AgForce regional resident Caroline Harris and Narelle Clem, Gympie
Claire, Craig and Caiti Kapernick, from Cloyna

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