The Nichol Family, of ‘Washpool’ Durong, with their Charbray weaner steers that sold to $4.78/kg and $1379 at the Tuesday cattle sale (Photo: James Bredhauer)
August 11, 2020

by Pratt Agencies

Murgon combined agents held their fat and store sale on Tuesday, where 800 head were yarded.

Export cattle remained firm throughout, and weaner cattle also sold to a very strong market.

Cattle were drawn from Eidsvold, Gayndah, Mt Perry, Kingaroy, Kilkivan and the Murgon district.

Pratt Agencies & Other Agents sale results:

  • Heavy Bulls topped at $3.15/kg and $2540
  • Bullocks sold to $3.59 for $1790
  • Heavy Cows over 500kg topped at $2.85 and $1820, averaging $2.60/kg
  • Cows 400-500kg sold to $2.89/kg for a $2.54/kg average
  • Lighter Cows under 400kg topped at $2.54/kg
  • Export heifers sold to $2.95/kg for $1540
  • Hereford steers from Manumbar sold for $3.59/kg at $1855
  • Local 348kg Simmental cross steers sold for $3.79/kg and $1320
  • 314kg Droughtmaster steers from Tansey also sold to $3.79/kg to return $1192
  • 390kg Charbray steers sold for $3.76/kg at $1467
  • Three pens of quality Charbray weaner steers from Eidsvold sold for $4.78/kg to top at $1379, averaging $1156
  • 207kg Angus weaner steers from Nanango sold for $4.70/kg at $975
  • Braford cross weaner steers from Mt Perry sold for $4.36/kg at $1035, and $4.37/kg at $816
  • Braford Heifers from Mt Perry sold for $3.64c at $1315
  • Brahman heifers weighing 393kg from Mt Perry sold for $3.61/kg at $1420
  • 363kg Charbray heifers from Crownthorpe sold for $3.60/kg, returning $1300
  • Charolais cross weaner heifers from Yarraman sold to $4.02/kg and $831
  • Limousin cross weaner heifers from Hivesville sold to $4.02/kg and $915
  • Light Brahman weaner heifers from Wooroolin sold for $3.99 and $638
  • Limousin cross heifers from Kumbia sold for $3.98/kg and $643
  • Crossbred cows and calves sold to $1600 per head

The next Murgon sale is on Tuesday, August 25 at 8:00am.

* * *

Bill Steffenson, Corey Cross and Midge Thompson, of Aussie Land & Livestock, standing above three pens of pregnancy-tested empty Angus cows from Mt Perry which sold to Wide Bay Feedlot for 255c/kg (Photo: James Bredhauer)

Aussie Land & Livestock sale results:

  • Steers under 200kg sold for an average $4.21/kg, returning $758
  • Steers 200-300kg sold for an average $4.26/kg at $1030
  • Steers 300-400kg sold for an averaqge $3.65/kg, returning $1233
  • Steers 400-500kg sold to a top of $3.68/kg at $1793
  • Heifers under 200kg fetched an average price of $3.81/kg at $659
  • Heifers 200-300kg returned an average $3.72/kg and $886
  • Heifers 300-400kg sold to a top of $3.64/kg and $1421
  • Heifers over 400kg sold to an average $3.47/kg at $1487
  • Bulls under 450kg sold to an average $4.00/kg, returning $807
  • Bulls 450-600kg sold to a top of $3.15/kg and $1891
  • Bulls over 600kg sold for $2.95 and $2.98/kg, returning $1889 and $1997
  • Cows under 400kg sold for an average $2.44/kg at $920
  • Cows 400-520kg sold to a top of $2.66/kg, returning $1251
  • Cows over 520kg sold at an average $2.55/kg for $1546

The next Coolabunia Fat and Store sale will be held on Tuesday, August 25 at noon.

A Charolais Bull Sale will also be held on August 13 and a Limousin Bull Sale on August 14 – contact Aussie Land And Livestock on (07) 4162-2233 for more information about these.

[UPDATED with correction]

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