Matilda Lipsett, Harriet Black and Lucy Perrett  (Photo: John Dalton)

July 27, 2020

St Mary’s Catholic College held its 30th “Rock On Stage” last Friday, reimagined for a COVID-19 world.

The celebration of music and dancing is an important part of the school’s annual Catholic Education Week events.

Usually the Maryknoll Centre is packed out with students, proud parents and relatives for the colourful extravaganza, but this year Rock on Stage was conducted during school time with no audience.

Each class performed and recorded an act throughout the day and the school community viewed it online later that evening.

Principal Carmel O’Brien said she was pleased the College had managed to find a way for the event to be safely conducted.

“The response to the COVID virus threatened the event this year, but with the recent relaxation in guidelines, we were able to run the event using a different format,” she said.

“It’s a great way to celebrate Catholic Education and an important part of the culture of St Mary’s.

“Like other years, the event was a fundraiser for the Bacolod Kindergarten in the Philippines and we expect to raise about $2000. This support for the Philippines kindy has been a long tradition at St Mary’s.

Each class from Prep through to Year 12 prepared a themed performance.

The preppies bounced about to classic Aussie songs, while the Year 1s explored the 80s. The Flintstones came alive for Year 2s while the Year 3s bopped along to classic Elton John tracks.

The Blues Brother showband turned up with the Year 4s while Year 5s twisted the fabric of space and time and Year 6s reminded everyone that  “we are all in this together”.

Bridgette Watson (and friends) performing during the “virtual” Rock On Stage (Photo: John Dalton)

Year 7 explored music from five decades during their four minutes of fun while Year 8 showcased dancing from across the eras. Nutbush anyone?

Year 9 created a stereotypical American high school as an excuse to go Footloose (complete with cheer leaders).

Year 10 took the theme of Expectation v Reality – a combination of TikTok, shopping dads and dancing.

Classic Australian TV still has its appeal, and this was used to the max by Year 11 who revived the Koala Brothers and Russell Coight.

Year 12 proved that Austin Powers is still a crowd favourite.

As usual, St Mary’s staff also tested their skills in an over-the-top display, this year based on Workplace, Health and Safety.

The Blues Brothers (and sisters) took over the stage with Year 4s … (Photo: John Dalton)
… while Year 12 brought the swinging 60s back to life with Austin Powers  (Photo: John Dalton)
St Mary’s staff took PPE to the extreme in their Rock On Stage performance  (Photo: John Dalton)


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