July 6, 2020

Two people have been taken to hospital by ambulance after a collision at an intersection in South Nanango on Monday morning.

Emergency services were called to the intersection of Nanango-Tarong Road and Hazeldean Road at 10:47am after two vehicles collided.

Paramedics assessed one of the patients at the scene for possible spinal injuries.

The two were transported to Kingaroy Hospital in a stable condition.

2 Responses to "Two Hurt In Collision"

  1. Bouncer  July 7, 2020

    I regularly drive between Kingaroy and Nanango. Despite driving at 100k where permitted, I’m nearly always overtaken by one or more drivers who wish to drive at over 100k. If I’m doing 100k, in order to overtake me, those drivers have to be getting up to 120-140k at least. And of course once they’re past, they slow down again. I often find they are only about 100-200 metres ahead when we arrive at town.

    Why people feel they have the need to be in such a hurry is beyond me. They’re saving themselves less than a minute in travel time and meanwhile they’ve wasted fuel, broken the law, and placed themselves and others at possible risk.

    Unfortunately, the most frequent offenders seem to be my fellow tradespeople. They’re easily identifiable by signage on their vehicles. Next worst would be drivers of large trucks. followed by “P” plate drivers, especially those on red “Ps”.

    Now that the police are again performing roadside breath testing, it would be nice to see more police patrols on the Kingaroy/Nanango road on a regular basis. Hopefully some of these speeders would be caught and heavily fined.

  2. Bouncer  July 14, 2020

    I travel the D’Aguilar Highway at Barkers Creek Flat on most days and often experience drivers overtaking 2 or 3 other vehicles that are travelling at the speed limit of 100k.

    Perhaps the authorities could signpost this section of road as a high risk black spot or something similar.

    To anyone reading this, please don’t take risks for the sake of a few minutes at most.

    Maybe the publisher of this article could have a word with road authorities/councillors and put forward a suggestion to have large signs placed at either end of this section of road warning drivers of the dangers.

    Stay safe everyone.


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