AgForce Cattle President
Will Wilson

June 25, 2020

AgForce is urging the cattle industry to stop being “apologetic” and start proclaiming its significant achievements in recent years.

The lobby group says the beef industry is a “good news story” in regards to lowering carbon emissions and improving animal welfare.

“Cattle properties covered by a biosecurity plan have risen from a quarter to 90 per cent, carbon emissions have been reduced by 57 per cent since 2005, and pain relief is being adopted as a standard tool,” AgForce Cattle president Will Wilson said.

“Producers have shown great resilience in achieving these successes, considering the numerous challenges they face, including ongoing drought, 2019’s disastrous floods and fires, and now COVID-19.”

Mr Wilson was commenting ahead of the official launch of the third annual update for the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework on Thursday.

“The Framework provides the evidence base upon which customers can continue to trust us to look after what is important to them, voluntarily and without unnecessary regulation,” Mr Wilson said.

“As we look to further refine the reporting, we need to focus more on the positives this great industry has to offer and the story we have to tell. We care for our land, our cattle, our workforce, and our community.

“For example, the report misses the mark in terms of our great carbon story.

“Although the reduction in our carbon footprint is impressive, we need to stop being defensive and apologetic about emissions and instead focus on our achievements and aspirations in assisting the community by storing carbon in the landscape.”

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What Is The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework?

The Framework was developed in 2017 to identify and track sustainable practices in the beef industry, including animal welfare. It aims to meet the changing expectations of consumers, customers, investors and other stakeholders by measuring performance against a series of indicators annually.

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