Nanango Aeromodellers president Barry Sheppard and South Burnett Western Performance Club president Julie Croker

May 28, 2020

Two community groups will be better able to prepare their grounds for the upcoming fire season, thanks to generous grants from Heritage Nanango.

The South Burnett Western Performance Club and the Nanango Aeromodellers took delivery of Mahindra tractors and slashers this week, worth a total of $43,000, after receiving grants from Heritage Nanango Community Funding (HNCF).

Western Performance Club president Julie Croker said the club would be using their new Mahindra 1533 front-end loader for essential grounds maintenance and hazard reduction.

The club’s 15 acre grounds are on Racecourse Road at Nanango, adjacent to Lee Park Racecourse.

Nanango Aeromodellers president Barry Sheppard said his club had about 20 acres of grounds to look after on Smiths Road at Booie.

They would be using their Mahindra 2025 to slash the area and reduce fire hazards.

HNCF chair Wendy Zerbst handed over the keys to the tractors on Wednesday.

Both were purchased locally in Kingaroy.

She said HNCF had put most of its current grants on hold to allow community groups to adjust their requests in line with their post-COVID-19 needs.

However, these two applications were approved immediately as the groups needed the machinery now for hazard reduction activities.

Heritage Community Branch Nanango is a joint venture between Heritage Bank and HNCF, a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation.

HNCF’s share of branch profits is distributed back to the community in grants for local organisations and events.

The Mahindra 2025 and Mahindra 1533 tractors which were handed over to community groups on Wednesday

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