Wondai’s town clock gets hauled away in April (Photo: Submitted)

May 25, 2020

Wondai residents wondering about the fate of the town’s clock can rest easy, it’s off being fixed … again.

Back in April, southburnett.com.au was contacted by a concerned local resident who spotted the clock being hauled away.

We tried then to find out what was happening, but no one seemed to know.

The clock then reappeared, and residents breathed easy, only to see it disappear again.

A South Burnett Regional Council spokesperson confirmed on Monday that Council had been working behind the scenes to repair the ageing landmark.

“A local business, Wondai Electrical, was engaged to investigate why the clock had stopped which, due to the age of this magnificent timepiece became a matter of trial and error,” the spokesperson said.

“The clock was carefully removed from its permanent location in mid-April 2020 and transported to the local repairer.

“Initial repairs involved the replacement of the slave movements for the main mechanism located behind the clock face which enables the four sides of the clock to work in synchronisation.

“The sourcing of these parts, imported from Switzerland, took longer than expected due to importation restrictions following COVID-19.

“Once the parts were finally received and installed, it was noticed that the hands were catching on the clock face, requiring a complete re-fit and the electrics to be replaced.

“With all faces of the clock keeping good time in the Wondai Electrical workshop, the clock was returned to its original mount in Coronation Park.

“Unfortunately, once replaced it was evident that the hands were now rubbing on the glass that protects the clock, causing the hands to stick in one position.”

The problem was believed to be caused by a slight twist in the frame due to minor movement in the soil following a long period of drought.

“Last week the clock was once again removed from the park and transported to a local cabinetmaker for amendments to the casing to increase the distance between the clock face and the glass to allow the hands to move freely and minimise the effects from any further movement in the soil.

“We hope to see the Wondai clock returned to its pride of place in Coronation Park and keeping time soon.”

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Downer Position Vacant - click here

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