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Butterflies Help Make The Time Fly

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Centacare Community Connections support worker Shelley Hayden with some of the colourful creations that have already been crafted for the project (Photo: Centacare)

April 17, 2020

Centacare Community Connections has come up with a colourful way to pass the time while staying at home during COVID time.

The Un-Social Butterfly Project aims to combat the effects people may be feeling due to social distancing and all the other necessary precautions.

Community members have been asked to register with Centacare and then fold as many origami butterflies as they can during the pandemic.

The organisation will then use all the colourful butterflies to create a wonderful display in the South Burnett.

“We want to show that we can still be part of something big together!” South Burnett support worker Shelley Hayden said.

“On the other side of COVID-19, we will collect them all to create a beautiful public installation to show the unity and courage of our community.”

For more information – and to get involved – contact Centacare Community Connections on (07) 4162-5439.

* * *

Follow the instructions from left to right, then top to bottom


Here’s how you can make your very own un-social butterflies! Simply follow these steps:

  • 15cm x 15cm square of any colour – preferably plain
  • Fold in half with right side together, both directions
  • Open out with right side down and fold diagonally, both directions
  • Fold the centre crease in on either side down to the crease in the middle of the bottom edge. It will look like Image 5
  • Now fold the top corner sections up so the points meet at the middle like in Image 6
  • Try to keep as even as possible, lining the edges up together (but there may be a little bit of overlap)
  • Flip your butterfly over so it looks like Image 7
  • Fold the lower tip of the triangle (leaving the flaps behind it) up to it goes about 0.5cm past the flat edge of the triangle (your paper will “buckle” a little, this is a good thing)
  • Then fold that 0.5cm of tip behind the top edge. Try not to crease the joints highlighted in the circles.
  • Now flip the butterfly over and fold in half and crease down the centre fold (remember to keep the ‘tip’ bit folded over, too)

You’re DONE!

(There are also YouTube videos online)

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