Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace

April 13, 2020

State schools will re-open for Term 2 on Monday (April 20) but only for the children of essential services workers.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Monday the remainder of the student population will be required to learn at home for the first five weeks.

This restriction will stay in place until at least May 22, when it will be reviewed.

Education Minister Grace Grace said students would be able to borrow equipment from schools if they did not have them at home.

The government had also secured more than 5000 Telstra SIM cards to allow students without internet to access online resources.

She admitted the move to home-based learning would not be easy for parents.

“But I think together for the first half of Term 2 we will be able to deliver quality learning for students, no matter where they live throughout Queensland,” she said.

* * *

Queensland’s Catholic schools will also adopt the Term 2 arrangements announced by the Premier.

Queensland Catholic Education Commission executive director Dr Lee-Anne Perry said Catholic schools had spent many weeks preparing for the possibility that Term 2 would involve most students learning at home.

“Catholic schools are ready to support students in their learning and also to support families as they tackle a new way of educating their children,” Dr Perry said.

“Children of essential workers and vulnerable children will be able to attend their Catholic school in line with the arrangements at State schools.
“We are pleased the Premier and Education Minister have announced the arrangements for a five-week block, so schools, families and students have some certainty in the weeks ahead.”


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One Response to "Schools To Reopen For Some"

  1. Disgruntled  April 13, 2020

    You beaudy, easily fixed eh. I was talking with a teacher and was told that some students do not have a computer at home and the Telstra sims aren’t going to be of any great widespread use as there are some areas that have no decent reception or none at all. It is gonna be hard for some students and difficult for their teachers to work their way around all of this to keep the proper education required up to the kids!!
    These issues are simply what most people take for granted these days!


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