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Councillors Elected Unopposed

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South Burnett councillors Roz Frohloff and Cr Gavin Jones can relax … no one is challenging their jobs in Divisions 1 & 2

March 4, 2020

The ballot positions have been decided for the upcoming Local Government elections … and it’s good news for two current South Burnett councillors.

Roz Frohloff (Division 1) and Gavin Jones (Division 2) have been elected unopposed.

However, voters in their Divisions (Nanango and Blackbutt / Maidenwell areas) will still have to turn out on election day to cast a vote for the South Burnett Mayor.

There are four people running for Mayor: Keith Campbell, Abigail Andersson, Brett Otto and Toni Ralph.

Sitting mayor Keith Campbell drew the important number one spot at the ballot paper draw conducted by Returning Officer Peter Jensen in Kingaroy on Wednesday morning (see ballot order for all draws, below)

The current councillors in South Burnett Divisions 3-6 all face opponents.

Confusion over missing names on the Electoral Commission of Queensland website after nominations closed on Tuesday was cleared up, with Division 3 candidate Rhonda Trivett’s nomination confirmed. She has drawn the top spot on the Division 3 ballot against current councillor Danita Potter.

In Cherbourg, there are eight candidates standing for Mayor, including incumbent Arnold Murray and current councillor Elvie Sandow who is challenging for the top job.

There are also eight candidates vying for the four Councillor positions, including two current councillors, Tom Langton and James Saltner.

In Toowoomba, sitting Mayor Paul Antonio has drawn second spot on the ballot paper.

Top spot went to former council employee Douglas Doelle. The third challenger for Toowoomba Mayor is Chris Meibusch.

A huge field of 32 candidates is standing for the 10 councillor roles.

Four current councillors – Mike Williams, Chris Tait, Joe Ramia and Anne Glasheen – are not re-contesting their positions.

In Gympie, current Mayor Mick Curran has drawn second spot on the ballot paper with opponent Glen Hartwig snaring the important top spot.

With Cr Hartwig running for Mayor, there are two new faces – Dolly Jensen and Leonora Cox – running for his vacated Division 2 role, which means whatever happens at the poll on March 28, there will be at least one woman warming a Council seat at Gympie during the next four years.

* * *

Colleen Bird will be challenging Kathy Duff in Division 5 in the South Burnett council election

South Burnett (in ballot paper order)


* Keith Campbell
Abigail Andersson
Brett Otto
Toni Ralph

Division 1

* Roz Frohloff – Elected unopposed

Division 2

* Gavin Jones – Elected unopposed

Division 3

Rhonda Trivett
* Danita Potter

Division 4

Kirstie Schumacher
* Terry Fleischfresser

Division 5

Colleen Bird
* Kathy Duff

Division 6

* Ros Heit
Scott Henschen

NB. * indicates current councillor

* * *

Returning officer John Lawrence and Cherbourg CEO Chatur Zala conduct the ballot draw in Cherbourg on Wednesday morning

Cherbourg (in ballot paper order)


Sylvia McGregor
* Arnold Murray
Gordon Wragge
* Elvie Sandow
Elgin Leedie
Katrina Watson
Lillian Gray


Bronwyn Douglas (Murray)
Leighton Costello
Fred Cobbo
Norman Hegarty
* Tom Langton
Lynette Brown
Eric Brown
* James Saltner

NB. * indicates current councillor

* * *

Toowoomba mayor Paul Antonio has drawn second spot on the ballot paper

Toowoomba (in ballot paper order)


Douglas Doelle
* Paul Antonio
Chris Meibusch


* Bill Cahill
David King
* Nancy Sommerfield
Lindy Eising
Carol McCabe
Petria Grabham
Chelle McIntyre
Michael Truskinger
Warren Midgley
Rita Clarke
Robert Relvas
Lizzie Adams
* Megan O’Hara Sullivan
Kirsten Smolenski
Mike Flanigan
* Geoff McDonald
* James O’Shea
Kevin Flanagan
Robert Berry
Tim Entwistle
Garry Humphries
Ben Apsey
Melissa Taylor
David Campbell
Aaron Goldie
Kerry Shine
Alyce Nelligan
Joy Mingay
* Carol Taylor
Eakraj Adhikari
Tim McMahon
Rebecca Vonhoff

NB. * indicates current councillor

* * *

Gympie Mayor Mick Curran is also in the Number 2 spot after the ballot draw

Gympie (in ballot paper order)


* Glen Hartwig
* Mick Curran
Tim Jerome

Division 1

Jess Milne
Ash Little
* Mark McDonald
Phil Feldman

Division 2

Dolly Jensen
Leonora Cox

Division 3

* Mal Gear
Terry McMullan
Shane Waldock
Michiel Pratt
Colleen Miller

Division 4

Bruce Devereaux
Rae Gate
* Daryl Dodt
Wayne Sachs

Division 5

Rob Burns
* Dan Stewart
Chelle Dobson

Division 6

* Hilary Smerdon
Brian Thomas
Mikki Lawson

Division 7

Donna Reardon
* Bob Leitch
Warren Polley

Division 8

* Bob Fredman
Trent Mitchell
Lyndall Ensbey

NB. * indicates current councillor


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3 Responses to Councillors Elected Unopposed

  1. Neil Edmunds

    Great. Who the hell is Toni Ralph? The only media reference appears to be behind our local press FIREWALL.

  2. Disgruntled

    News Desk, A really good statement of real facts. What we now need is some good stories of background and reasons for “having a go”. For the SBRC that is. As this is where our real concern lies and we need to be able to learn as much of the candidates as we possibly can.

    It is pleasing to note that there are quite a few people who are apparently not at ease with the current mob and are brave enough and willing to stand for their beliefs.

    Pity about Div. 2 as some competition there would not have gone astray at all. And some would say it was desperately needed.

    And voters, don’t forget, things are not always as they seem to be, and some good solid research needs to be done before casting your vote. In other words research sensibly and thoroughly and think of the welfare of the region as a whole and cast your vote wisely.

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