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Prices Stay Firm And Numbers Rise

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Cattle prices remained dear and the number of beasts up for auction increased at the most recent Murgon cattle sale (Photo: Pratt Agencies)

February 26, 2020

by Pratt Agencies

Prices stayed high and cattle numbers rose almost 20 per cent at the latest fortnightly cattle sale in Murgon on Tuesday.

In all, 950 head were yarded with all descriptions selling to dear rates.

Cattle were drawn from Mundubbera, Gayndah, Nanango, Yarraman, Proston, Kingaroy, Kilkivan and the Murgon district.

Sale results:

  • Bulls sold to $3.20/kg and $2560
  • Bullocks sold to $3.78/kg and $2257
  • Cows over 500kg topped at $3.06/kg and $1960, averaging $2.86/kg
  • Cows 400-500kg sold to $2.96/kg for a $2.63 average
  • Cows under 400kg topped at $3.00
  • Export heifers sold to $3.49/kg and $1777
  • 436kg Braford steers sold for $3.77/kg and $1647
  • 390kg Droughtmaster cross steers sold to $3.97/kg to return $1548
  • 305kg Murray Grey steers sold for $1187 at $3.89/kg
  • 307kg Red Angus steers from Hivesville sold for $1187 at $3.86/kg
  • Charbray steers from Johnstown sold for $3.85/kg and $1473
  • 371kg Charbray steers sold for $1370 at $3.69/kg
  • Local Simmental cross weaner steers sold for $3.99/kg, returning $1155
  • 258kg Charbray weaner steers sold for $4.00/kg to return $1035
  • Brangus steers weighing 289kg sold for $3.99/kg and $1155
  • Droughtmaster weaner steers from Gayndah sold for $1038 at $3.80/kg
  • Charolais cross weaner steers from Johnstown sold for $4.00/kg and $840
  • Light Droughtmaster weaner steers from Gayndah sold for $4.12/kg to return $702
  • Simmental cross weaner steers from Gayndah sold for $777 at $4.02/kg
  • 391kg Droughtmaster cross heifers from Windera sold for $1344 at $3.43/kg
  • Charbray heifers from Mundubbera sold to $1119 at $3.39/kg
  • Local Santa heifers weighing 330kg sold for $3.35/kg and $1136
  • 308kg Santa heifers from Nanango sold for $1021 and $3.31/kg
  • A line of 70 local Droughtmaster weaner heifers sold for an average of $670 and $3.16/kg, the tops selling to $3.33/kg
  • Santa weaner heifers from Nanango sold to $3.55/kg to return $609
  • Speckle Park weaner heifers from Wondai sold for $3.25/kg and $588

The next Murgon sale is on Tuesday, March 10 at 8:00am.

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