Andrew Powell
Member for Glass House
Andrew Powell

January 25, 2020

An official E-Petition has been lodged with the State Government in support of Maleny Dairies.

The E-Petition has been lodged by Witta resident Lovice Lowden and sponsored by the Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell (LNP).

The petition is calling on the State Government to review its decision to award the Metro North Hospital dairy contract to Pauls and award at least a portion of the contract to Maleny Dairies.

Queensland residents draw to the attention of the House: to the decision by the Palaszczuk Government that saw Maleny Dairies, a Queensland-owned and operated company, miss out on a supply contract for Metro North Hospitals that was instead awarded to French and Chinese companies.

This is in defiance of the Government’s “Buy Queensland Policy”.

The decision will have a significant impact on Maleny Dairies that would have used the contract to secure another Queensland-owned dairy farming family and create jobs within that farm, working towards securing the future of the Queensland Dairy Industry.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to: call on the Palaszczuk Government to review the decision, including awarding at least a portion of the supply contract to Maleny Dairies – a proud Queensland-owned and operated company.

The official E-Petition was posted on January 21, the day before the LNP publicly launched a private petition on the same issue which attracted criticism for allowing a Spanish hosting company to collect private information.

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3 Responses to "E-Petition Backs Maleny Dairies"

  1. Marilyn McKechnie  January 26, 2020

    Come on. When do you politicians stop selling us out. You can only wonder how many backhanders you all get and why on earth we vote you blaggards in.

  2. Ben  January 26, 2020

    Finally a proper one is made and backed by the unsuccessful processor’s “friend” MP, after the LNP ranted about foreign-owned whilst using a foreign online petition. Gutter politics on display by the Qld LNP Leader and party members using dairy farming as a political tool, not only tainting the State Labor Goverment in an election year, but also painting Qld Hospitals and Staff as serving foreign “Chinese UHT milk” to patients. A blatant lie to gain any political traction.

  3. Disgruntled  February 9, 2020

    Within a very short time of being awarded the contract Lactalis Australia has progressed to the shutting of their Rocky factory and sacked their 47 workers (how good is that, eh?). And it appears that there will be a scaling back of production from their other Qld factories, too, which will not help their suppliers either and will most certainly cause product to be imported from southern states. Probably to the detriment of our Queensland farmers! (how good is that, eh?) Maybe if Maleny had been awarded the contract they may have been able to expand their supplier base and keep Qld dairy farmers a bit better supported and then maybe not, but one thing is sure we must support Qld farmers.


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