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Mt Stanley Bushfire: Update

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December 6, 2019

A fire which broke out more than a month ago at Mt Stanley, north-east of Nanango, escalated on Friday afternoon with authorities telling campers at Landcruiser Mountain Park they should leave now.

At 2:15pm, the QFES said conditions in the area were getting worse and the fast-moving fire was expected to hit Landcruiser Mountain Park.

Campers were told to evacuate to the east along Diaper Road.

At 9:00pm, the alert level was lowered back to “Advice”, but QFES advised people who had left the area not to return until it was safe.

* * *

From QFES at 9:00pm:

STAY INFORMED. Bushfire warning level: ADVICE

Anyone who has left the area should not return until advised it is safe to do so.

You need to keep up to date and decide what actions you will take if the situation changes.

A large bushfire is burning in the vicinity of Landcruiser Mountain Park.

People in the area will be affected by smoke, which will reduce visibility and air quality.

Properties are not under direct threat at this time, but the area is still unsafe.

Campers and residents are asked to listen to the advice of authorities.

Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if you believe you or your property is under threat.

* * *


From QFES at 3:15pm:

LEAVE NOW. Bushfire warning level: WATCH AND ACT

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) advises there is a bushfire in Mount Stanley and conditions are getting worse.

See “What You Should Do”, below.

Follow your bushfire survival plan now.

If you do not have a plan, your safest option is to leave now if it is clear to do so.

If you are not in the area, do not return, as conditions are too dangerous.

A fast-moving fire is burning in the vicinity of Landcruiser Mountain Park. It is expected to impact campers in Landcruiser Mountain Park. The fire could have a significant impact on the community.

Campers should evacuate to the east along Diaper Road.

Fire crews are working to contain the fire but firefighters may not be able to protect every campsite. You should not expect a firefighter at your campsite.

Power, water, and mobile phone service may be lost.

People in the area will be affected by smoke, which will reduce visibility and air quality.

Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if you believe you are under threat.

* * *

What You Should Do

  • Listen to your local radio station or visit the Rural Fire Service website for regular updates.
  • Put on protective clothing (eg. a long-sleeved cotton shirt, boots with thick soles).
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • If you suffer from a respiratory condition, keep your medication close by.

If you are leaving:

  • Secure your pets for safe transport.
  • Check for road closures and then advise family and friends of your intended travel route.
  • Take your important documents and essential items (eg. passports, birth certificates, prescription medication, food and water, and protective clothing) when you leave.
  • Drive with caution in low-visibility conditions.

If you are unable to leave:

  • Bring pets inside; restrain them with a leash, a cage, or inside a secure room; and provide them with plenty of water.
  • Fill containers such as your bath, sinks, and buckets with water so you have access to drinking water and firefighting water.
  • Close windows and doors, sealing the gaps under doors and screens with wet towels to keep smoke out of the house.
  • Identify a safe spot to shelter in, which would be a place with more than one exit, preferably inside a brick building, away from windows and doors. The safest spot is the place that will keep you furthest away from the intense heat from the fire. As the fire approaches and passes, the safest spot will change, so be ready to move.

Keep up to date by:

  • Following QFES on Facebook (@QldFireandEmergencyServices) and Twitter (@QldFES)
  • Staying tuned to your local ABC radio station.
  • Visiting the Rural Fire Service website

[UPDATED: First published as “Mt Stanley Bushfire: Leave Now”]

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