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After 39 Years, It’s Time To Retire

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Marj and Graham Crittenden … the craft store in Markwell Street, Kingaroy, will close on Christmas Eve

November 30, 2019

A well-loved Kingaroy business which has been trading for almost 40 years will be closing its doors on Christmas Eve, unless a last-minute buyer steps forward.

Crittenden’s Craft and Fabrics in Markwell Street has been the go-to location for generations of craftspeople and dressmakers – that is, until a raft of import shops opened in town.

Marj Crittenden opened her business on November 1, 1980.

As she’s now 86, she thinks it’s about time she retired ….

The business has been on the market for 18 months, but sadly there have been no serious offers.

Marj is looking for $300,000 for all stock and fixtures.

A closing down sale will now be held in the car park next to the store on December 7-8 from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

All craft items will be for sale: tapestries, cross-stitch, embroidery hoops etc.

The building itself is not on the market, “but we are always willing to listen to offers”.

Marj grew up in Kingaroy and moved away; she came back in 1962 and married Graham in 1970.

“Graham was born in Markwell Street and lived in this street,” Marj said.

In 1968, he opened an upholstery business on the site. In the terminology of the day, he was a “coach and motor trimmer”.

This business – which morphed into also handling tarpaulins and canvas goods – is not for sale; the couple’s son and grandsons are continuing the family tradition.

“Graham built the front shop on here for me as a craft shop,” Marj said.

“I then had the idea of supplying the stuff that women could not get for dressmaking.”

The range of fabrics available – and the buttons – have become almost legendary in Kingaroy.

Marj cut back her craft range and increased her fabrics after the direct import shops opened.

So what are Marj and Graham planning to do after their retirement?

“Sleep, rest and then do some things around the house,” Graham said. “I have about 300 years of things to do; we will be grey nomads at home.”

And Marj? “I am going to do a lot of tapestry!”

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