Lily Ballin and Abigail Andersson, from the South Burnett Musical Comedy Society, with Halloween volunteer Tracy Thurlwell Clark
Three little trick or treaters … Opal, 9; Kingston, 3; and Jamychal Smallwood, 7

October 31, 2019

Little Drayton Street in Nanango was the dead-heart of the South Burnett on Thursday night … attracting ghosts, goblins and spooky spirits for another monster Halloween celebration.

Jane Erkens, from Nanango Real Estate, is the mover and shaker behind the spectral spectacle which attracts a nightmare crowd to the laneway beside The Shed every year.

Jane and her team of volunteers had The Shed’s yard tricked up a treat, with a fright of shady characters hanging about.

There were lollies, ice blocks and a sausage sizzle for the little goblins (and their minders) to enjoy – as well as costume prizes.

The evening was sponsored by Nanango Real Estate, Alisellou Designs, Nanango Trophies, Heritage Nanango Community Fund and the Nanango Tourism and Development Association.

A special treat was the live performance of two songs, “Dark And Stormy Night” and “Murder At Crimson House”, by members of the South Burnett Musical Comedy Society.

The songs feature in the group’s upcoming theatre restaurant event, “Murder At Crimson House”, which will be held in the Trades Hall at Kingaroy Showground at the end of November.

Many people think Halloween is an American invention, but the event dates much further back than just the United States.

Halloween or Hallowe’en (ie. Holy eve) is the evening before the traditional Christian celebration of All Hallows Day (or All Saints Day) which honours all saints, known and unknown.

The Christian celebration was probably laid on top of earlier pagan rituals marking the end of one part of the year (harvest) and the beginning of another (winter).

The boundary between the spirit world and humans was thought to be blurred at this time. In some European traditions, it was believed the dead were allowed to rise from their graves and walk the streets for one riotous night of fun.

Lanterns were lit to guide these ghosts back to their homes where a feast was laid out for them.

The modern “trick or treat” follows the ancient tradition of going from house to house on this night to seek food (for the dead) and pranksters dressing up and carving vegetables as lanterns designed to scare off evil spirits.

The Americans just added the pumpkins …

Halloween volunteer Marie Madigan with event organiser Jane Erkens

A couple of shady characters …

… working the skeleton shift
Double, double toil and trouble … Sylvia Berkett, Claudia Mueller and Dannii Agius were tending the sausage sizzle rather than stirring a cauldron
A large crowd was watching the projections on the walls of The Shed and the display in front
Just hanging around in Nanango …
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