Alvin the Avocado will be back in Blackbutt on Saturday for the annual Blackbutt Avocado Festival

September 13, 2019

Ava go at this! Would you like a chance of winning $1000 by simply rolling an avocado? Then you’d better get on down to Blackbutt this Saturday!

The annual Blackbutt Avocado Festival is again offering $1000 in prize money in their iconic Avo Roll competition.

It’s a bit like lawn bowls, only harder …

And there’s more fun (and cash) to be won in some other great Avo competitions.

Can you guess correctly the weight of the avocado? Or how about where a parachutist is about to land?

A highlight of this year’s Avocado Festival will be the inaugural Avo Drop.

Three parachutists will jump from a height of 1500m and land on a painted “Avo Joe” character inside Blackbutt Showgrounds.

Festivalgoers will be able to buy numbered cups for $5 each (or three for $10) to pick a spot where they think the parachutists will land.

There are three prizes to be won: $500, $200 and $100.

(The cups must be filled with sand and placed on “Avo Joe” before 2:00pm.)

Avocado cocktails – which proved a big hit earlier this year at the Blackbutt Community Expo – are another new idea.

And the Avocado Wheelbarrow Race – which involves a wheelbarrow, obstacle course plus avocados – will probably send participants back for another avocado cocktail.

Visitors who are interested in growing their own avocados might like to check out the Avo Grow Tent, which will feature displays, demonstrations and talks by experts.

All the regular Avocado fun will be also be back …

The street parade will start to roll at 1:00pm,

The Avo Strongman/Strongwoman games will also be on again (lifting bags of avocados is harder than it looks).

Then there’s Avo Golf, Avo Juggling, Avo Tossing, kids’ activities, live music, street performers, woodchopping, post-ripping and plenty of market stalls.

At Avocado Central (aka Blackbutt Memorial Hall) there’ll be:

  • Cooking demonstrations by South Burnett food ambassador Jason Ford
  • Judging of the annual guacamole competition
  • Avo craft
  • Avo merchandise,
  • Avos for sale (of course), and
  • The Avo Central CWA Cafe

Doors open at Avocado Central at 8:00am.

Getting around the festival grounds will be easy, thanks to a trackless train that will be running between the various highlights.

There’ll also be rides available on a horse and cart.

Even a local fire ban in the region won’t stop the fun.

The festival is supported by members of the local Taromeo Rural Fire Brigade, whose voluntary involvement is vital to its success.

But the Avofest organisers have backup plans in place just in case the local brigade is called away.

What a whopper … Alex Vosten, from Brisbane, and Alicja Andraszck, from the Gold Coast, with the avocado whose weight was being guessed at last year’s festival

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